Patrick Murray – Winemaker

Patrick Murray - WinemakerInterestingly enough, my love of wine was born in the crafting of beer. After crafting many batches, my interest was peaked and I found myself wondering about wine.

My buddy and wine enthusiast, Rob, joined me on the adventure of winemaking. We began in the backyard with a large container of carignane grapes. Though the first batch was drinkable, we knew we could do better.

So, I gave up my job as an eyeglass maker and moved to Northern California. I earned my Enology Degree from Fresno State. After graduation, I began working at Field Stone Winery as assistant to the winemaker and general cellar worker.

As I have always been fascinated with pinot noir, I noticed this was one wine they didn’t make. In 2004, I asked the owners if I could make some and they gave their consent. I found fruit for sale from Saralee’s Vineyard in the Russian River Valley and it turned out pretty good. Now, we needed a name for our new label, our best idea was combining our first names to create PARO.

PARO wine gained in popularity, nearly selling out in one wine store (a wine bar in San Diego), so we brought our friend Greg Rogers on board to help grow the business. Although the label began as a side project, it slowly turned into something very viable, sought after by wine lovers.

Eight years later our philosophy is still to make wines we would be proud to have at our tables and in our glasses. Our wine is as personal as the artwork paired with each vintage.

Many people have described winemakers as artists. While I agree it can be “artisanal”, I think of myself as more of a craftsman; constantly honing my craft one glass at a time.